Mindful Decluttering and Organizing

Mindful Decluttering

Phone: 301-270-0969
Email: info@clutterfreenow.com
Website: clutterfreenow.com

Are you overwhelmed with clutter or a frantic schedule?  Does clutter make you tired or overwhelmed; negatively affect your relationships; keep you from inviting friends to visit? Transform your challenges into an action plan!

At Mindful Decluttering and Organizing, we offer gentle guidance and non-judgmental support to assist you in creating clutter-free, productive space in your life, home, and office.

Do you often procrastinate? We can help! Save time and increase efficiency using customized organizing approaches which harness the power of your whole brain.

Free decluttering, organizing and time awareness tips and inspiration are available at www.clutterfreenow.com.

Declutter your life ~ Free Your Spirit!  Embrace the freedom a clutter-free life offers by contacting us at 301-270-0969 or info@clutterfreenow.com.


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