Volunteering in Cambodia

Foreigners visit Cambodia every year for volunteering purposes to the point that volunteering has become a fully developed industry which has received a lot of negative press. Through extensive research, this article explains everything you may or may not know when it comes to volunteering in Cambodia. Children in Cambodian orphanages are not orphans Most

7 Reasons to Visit Cambodia Now

Been reading up on Cambodia plenty, and I’m strongly leaning towards volunteering here. Cambodia is a country rich in different attractions like beautiful stone temples and thick green jungles. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this beautiful country every year. Here are 7 reasons to visit this beautiful country now. Unblemished beaches Beaches

The Top 5 Booming Southeast Asian Economies

I’ve been contemplating heading East to get some perspective lately, specifically Southeast Asia as they’re fast emerging. Southeast Asian countries have an abundance of natural resources as well as a strategic location on the world’s map which attracts multinational companies looking for manufacturing plants. Some of these countries also have high populations of English speakers

10 reasons to go green now

My recent trip to LA has left me quite reinvigorated. Going green was a huge thing there, and there was definitely a lot of general awareness surrounding it. Going green is an extremely popular concept these days. Going green can significantly improve the quality of your life as well as the environment we live in.

8 green facts about Los Angeles

I love visiting green cities. There’s so much general awareness about the lasting impact of the damage we do to Mother Nature, and even without deterrents people are incentivised to go green. Los Angeles is one of the greenest cities in USA which has a large amount of natural open space consisting of parks, beaches

10 of the world’s most environmental friendly cities

While going green may not be the top priority of every city or country, certain cities have certainly left a lasting impression on me from the moment I touched down. Throughout the course of my travels, here are some cities that take the cake: Copenhagen This city is renowned for its environmental laws and plans.