10 of the world’s most environmental friendly cities

While going green may not be the top priority of every city or country, certain cities have certainly left a lasting impression on me from the moment I touched down. Throughout the course of my travels, here are some cities that take the cake:

  1. Copenhagen

This city is renowned for its environmental laws and plans. It aims to be carbon neutral by 2025 and be Cleantech Cluster of more than 500 companies. The city is designed for bicycling and walking as opposed to driving.

  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle friendly cities which has more bicycles than people due to the city being made for bicycling. The city consists of bike infrastructures, protected paths, racks and parking areas.

  1. Stockholm

This city is the first in the European Union to win the European Green Capital Award. This is due to its proper environmental plans in the 70’s, sufficient green space and its aim to be free of fossil-fuel by 2050.

  1. Vancouver

Although this city is dense in terms of population and expensive when it comes to the cost of living, its moderate climate and cleanliness makes it one of the world’s liveable cities.

  1. London

Although London might not be widely known as an environmental friendly city, it has been actively decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases and making more green spaces to get rid of its Industrial Revolution image.

  1. Berlin

As the first green city on the European continent, its environmental zone enables only vehicles with stickers to show needed emission standards are met.

  1. New York

Low greenhouse gas emissions for a large city as well as reliance on extensive public transportation makes this USA’s the most environmental friendly city. This city also has an initiative for green building.

  1. Singapore

This city created the first Singapore Green Plan in 1992 to handle the issues of clean water, air and land after heavy pollution brought forth by industrialisation. In the middle of the 21st century, it aims to have a waste-free landfills.

  1. Helsinki

This city promotes the use of bicycles and public transportation. It has been working towards being more sustainable ever since the late 50’s with programs catered towards energy efficiency as well as a Sustainability Action Plan chosen in 1992.

  1. Oslo

This city has a sustainable development strategy which consists of a program involved in the protection of its natural surroundings. The Green Belt Boundary also prevents wild areas from being developed.