10 reasons to go green now

My recent trip to LA has left me quite reinvigorated. Going green was a huge thing there, and there was definitely a lot of general awareness surrounding it.

Going green is an extremely popular concept these days. Going green can significantly improve the quality of your life as well as the environment we live in. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Organic food is real fuel for the body and the planet

Organic foods are fresher, tastier and more nutritious for the human body. Apart from that, organic foods protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions which in turns benefit both the body and the environment.

  1. A woman absorbs more than 4 pounds of cosmetics in her lifetime

Going green enables your body to absorb plant-based ingredients instead of petrochemicals to nourish your skin.

  1. Creating something requires a lot of energy

Every stuff created for the environment like furniture and clothes has an impact on the environment. Selecting products make from green materials like harvested wood and organic cotton protects the environment by reducing the amount of waste clogging up landfills.

  1. Renewable energy is easily available

Electricity from appliances like lights and computers cause pollution. Utilising renewable energy sources like wind and solar helps to lighten electrical footprint.

  1. Less global warming due to better transportation

Choosing to walk or ride a bike helps get rid of carbon dioxide emitted by a car slows global warming and reduces carbon footprint.

  1. Recycling should be encouraged

Recycling saves energy and reduces landfill waste. The recycled products can even be turned into new products without the use of virgin materials to make new products.

  1. Clothes require effort to make

Making and washing clothes require a lot of materials and energy. Choosing eco-friendly clothes also helps with environmental efficiency.

  1. Water is not renewable

Water quality is constantly changing over time due to the impact of our actions on the environment. Taking care of our water helps to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Humane goods are greener

Purchasing green goods helps to ensure that the goods made are done through fair labour practices and transportation costs are cut down due to production being governed by strict labour laws.

  1. Peace, love and understanding is paramount

Going green helps to promote world peace as world peace and the safety of our environment are closely linked together.

I’ll be headed to Southeast Asia next, and having chats with this company that deals with solar panels in Malaysia. Going green isn’t so big in Southeast Asia yet, where policies are still very needs-based as it is an emerging region but I’ve been given to understand that Malaysia is kind of at the forefront of green policies. Will be interesting to here what those guys have to say.