7 Reasons to Visit Cambodia Now

Been reading up on Cambodia plenty, and I’m strongly leaning towards volunteering here.

Cambodia is a country rich in different attractions like beautiful stone temples and thick green jungles. Tourists from different parts of the world visit this beautiful country every year. Here are 7 reasons to visit this beautiful country now.

  1. Unblemished beaches

Beaches in Cambodia have very little people and blemishes. Islands like Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem are must visit places for people interested in beaches. The beaches in these places have clear white sands and blue crystal coloured waters that every person would love.

  1. People

Cambodia is home to some of the most kind, hard-working, generous, hospitable and open-minded people. It is estimated that 93% of people in this country practice Theravada Buddhism. The poverty rate might have decreased but Cambodia is still a poor country. Those who escaped poverty risk being poor again.

  1. Angkor

This place is the biggest religious structure ever built. Visiting the whole of Angkor enables one to learn about the the 9th to 15th century’s Khmer empire capital. Visitors to this phenomenal place that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site can travel around the well-built ruins in a jungle full depth and thickness. The main temple of Angkor Thom also known as Bayon has 216 large stone heads from every direction staring down at temple visitors. The “Tomb Raider” temple, also known as Ta Prohm has trees growing out of the stones and roots spread out all over the place.

  1. History

The history of Cambodia is full of pain and suffering. Starvation, diseases, torturing and execution by the Khmer Rouge in the year 1975 to 1979 killed approximately 2 million people. Structures that illustrate the history of all these happenings are in parks and traffic circles to pay respects to those who died. Places like the killing fields and the museum occupying the former Tuol Sleng prison is necessary for learning.

  1. Food

Rice is a staple dish of every Cambodian meal. Khmers usually eat fried rice cakes or rice with curries, stews and freshwater fish. Fish amok, a dish in which white fish is steamed in a banana leaf and topped with coconut cream is the most well-known Khmer dish. When eating rice and noodles, beef and pork with herbs and curry are usually served together. Kampot Pepper, a renowned Cambodian pepper is also used to cook other dishes like stir fried crab.

  1. Markets

Markets are everywhere in Cambodia. These markets are full of foods and other items like shoes. Most markets are packed with people so there is very little space for people to walk around. Going to a market is one of the best ways to learn about the daily life of Cambodians.

  1. Phnom Penh

This place is a cosmopolitan city filled with contrasts like tradition, modernity, poverty, wealth, locals and tourists. Although the Khmer Rouge has killed millions of people and made the place eerie, the city continues moving forward and its day by day activities are filled with energy and vigour.