8 green facts about Los Angeles

I love visiting green cities. There’s so much general awareness about the lasting impact of the damage we do to Mother Nature, and even without deterrents people are incentivised to go green.

Los Angeles is one of the greenest cities in USA which has a large amount of natural open space consisting of parks, beaches and recreational areas. I find myself coming back here a lot, and here are some of the things that I’ve observed:

  1. In terms of solid waste recycling, Los Angeles tops the list of American cities with the highest rate of 62%.
  2. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power make up approximately 14% of the city’s energy. The largest project which is the city’s solar plan is scheduled to make up 10% of the city’s energy needs by 2020.
  3. The “Native Tree Ordinance” ensures the safety of trees like Oak and California Bay Trees.
  4. L.A. based Ecolimo’s consisting of a fleet of green limos as well as VIP vehicles are chosen by celebrities.
  5. The city’s trash trucks and street sweepers that make up 80% of the vehicles that run on natural gas with the plan to getting to 100% by the end of the year.
  6. This city has 2500 green buses powered by compressed natural gas in the whole of America which is the most in the nation of USA.
  7. This city was one of the first to need low-flow toilets as well as showerheads and water-efficient devices for landscaping purposes before reselling.
  8. Irrigation in golf courses as well as regional farming use recycled water.